Stratton - Karsteter
Funeral Home


In December 2013 the Stratton-Karsteter Funeral Home completed the third part of a three phase renovation to the funeral home. The work was done by R. B. Adams Construction of Versailles, the firm which built the original building. This last phase included a 900 square foot addition to the existing chapel. We now have a seating capacity of 170 in the main chapel along with an additional 60 seats in the overflow. The overflow is equipped with a closed circuit system allowing a visual of the chapel while services are in process. The earlier phases of renovation included a new casket show room and garage in 2008 along with enlarging the bathrooms and kitchen area earlier in 2013. 


Entrance Way


Chapel Rear



"Your old friends at a new location"


Mike Stratton


Eric Karsteter




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